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LIBOR to SOFR Transition

View resources below which can help you to prepare your institution for the transition from the London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR) to the Secured Overnight Financing Rate (SOFR).

Presentations, Tutorials & Webinars

Homebuyer Dream Program: Life Cycle Tutorial

Homebuyer Dream Program: Funding Request

Homebuyer Dream Program: Household Reservation Request

Homebuyer Dream Program: Secure File Transfer Portal

Homebuyer Dream Program: How to Calculate Income

Affordable Housing Program: Project Life Cycle

Education Programs & Tools

FHLBNY Education Programs

To assist with strategic planning, we offer custom-tailored education programs and sessions for your leadership team. Held jointly with trusted consultants, all programs are carefully curated to your institution’s needs.

Education program topics available include: Technical; Products, Services, and Programs; Economic and Industry; Member-Board Education.

Learn More About FHLBNY Education Programs.

Other Funding Tools

FHLBNY Funding Tools are designed to help members address their funding needs and fully maximize membership. Contact a Relationship Manager at (212) 441-6700 to run an analysis for your institution.

“All-in” Rate Borrowing Tool

Compare the prospective loan to 2-3 alternative investments of similar duration to determine the base price of the loan.

Interest Expense Calculator

Developed for members to calculate and compare the economic benefits that different terms of FHLBNY advances may provide versus alternative funding sources.

Amortizing Advance Schedule Tool

A simple tool developed to help members model and compare the schedules and cashflows of FHLBNY’s Amortizing Advances.

Funding Comparison Tool

Developed to compare member decisions on whether to start funding long term or continue to fund short and what the implication of market forward rates may have on those decision.

Prepayment Fee Calculator

Developed to assist members estimate what the prepayment fees on non-structured FHLBNY advances may be.

Funding Mix Calculator

Developed to assist members’ decisions on how to find the optimal mix of funding sources for a particular asset or assets such as an MBS or a pool of mortgage loans.