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Member Services Desk
Weekly Market Update

We are pleased to announce the launch of our Member Services Desk (MSD) Weekly Market Update. In response to member feedback and in an effort to provide our membership with valuable insight to help further your business goals, the MSD Weekly Market Update is designed to provide insight into current market trends and news and will be released every Monday.

If you would like to receive the MSD Weekly Market Update in .pdf format (includes FHLBNY rate charts) or to discuss this content further, please email the MSD Team.

Recent Weekly Market Updates


Market participants will undoubtedly have one eye on political developments and the other on the economic release calendar in the upcoming Martin Luther King Day-shortened week. The economic news is expected to be positive on balance. Home-builder sentiment likely clocked in near a record high this month…


Market participants generally looked beyond last week’s politically-motivated disturbance in Washington, D.C. to prospects for increased fiscal stimulus under a Democrat-controlled Congress. This week will offer traders and investors a smorgasbord of updates on economic activity in the final month of 2020, as well as a crowded slate of Federal Reserve officials discussing a variety of topics…


With Federal Reserve policymakers taking a well-deserved rest from the lecture circuit, the focus of market participants will turn to a series of pre-Christmas economic releases. Echoing the upbeat survey from the University of Michigan, the Conference Board’s sentiment gauge probably ended the year on a high note. Existing home sales likely took a breather last month, but contracts to purchase newly constructed dwellings probably…


The final FOMC meeting of 2020 will be the marquee event of the week. The Committee is universally expected to reiterate that it expects to maintain an accommodative stance on monetary policy, with a federal funds rate target range of 0 to .25%, until it achieves maximum employment and inflation at a rate of 2% over the longer run. In a change from the communiqué issued after the November gathering…


Having weathered the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ (BLS) update on the employment situation in November, market participants will contend with a series of comparatively minor economic releases this week. The key report likely will be the update on consumer prices last month. Federal Reserve officials will observe a blackout period on public monetary policy discussions ahead of the December 15-16 FOMC meeting….


Market participants will face a crowded economic release calendar ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday. Home prices and durable goods bookings probably remained on uptrends in their respective reporting periods. Consumer confidence likely rebounded, while solid demand for dwellings propelled new home purchases to their highest level in 14 years. Data now in hand hint that Q3 real GDP growth may be headed for an upgrade…



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