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FHLBNY Advance Rebate Program

Notice: The Putable Advance is temporarily suspended as a result of LIBOR cessation. The FHLBNY is no longer offering any structured products that are created using LIBOR-based hedges that mature beyond 2021. However, alternative indices are now being evaluated to create these products for our members. If you have interest in structured products, please contact your Relationship Manager at 212-441-6700.

Under the Advance Rebate Program, which represents an enhancement to our current advance prepayment methodology, the FHLBNY will provide members with a cash rebate on a portion of the fees paid relating to the early extinguishment of eligible advances when new eligible advances are obtained within 30 calendar days1. To receive the cash rebate, the prepaid advance(s) must have a remaining term of one year or longer, and new advance(s) must have a term of six months or longer.

The Advance Rebate Program is designed to:


be responsive to member needs and enhance the value of our advance offerings


offer members additional flexibility with balance sheet management


strengthen and add value to your Co-op

The amount of the actual rebate is dependent upon the characteristics of the prepaid and new advance(s), e.g., product type, origination date, principal amounts, and duration. Regular advance terms and conditions will apply, and the FHLBNY reserves the right in its sole discretion to amend, rescind, or reinstate the Advance Rebate Program at any time.

How it works:        
1   2   3

Member prepays an outstanding eligible advance that has a term remaining to maturity of at least one year.


Member decides to obtain a new eligible advance with a term of six months or greater within 30 days for prepayment (called the Rebate Window).


Member receives the rebate in cash.

Contact Us

For more information on the Advance Rebate Program, including eligibility requirements, please contact your Relationship Manager at (212) 441-6700, Member Services Desk at (212) 441-6600, or [email protected].

1Advances booked under Community Lending Programs and advances with remaining maturities of less than one year are not eligible advances.

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Key Contacts

Relationship Managers:
(212) 441-6700
Member Services Desk:
(212) 441-6600 or
(800) 546-5101, option 1

[email protected]