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Welcome to the FHLBNY News Hub! The Hub is a one-stop-shop for important updates and information to keep you informed on your membership with the FHLBNY. Here you can find dividend announcements, press releases, valuable product information, and more all in one central location.

Announcements for 11/17/20


Upcoming changes to 1Link & 1Link SK: FHLBNY systems will be accessible on the public website’s home page through a dropdown menu under ‘Log-In’ located at the top right, to streamline the sign-in process for members.


The Mortgage Asset Program (MAPsm) Coming Soon: Members of the FHLBNY will soon have access to a secondary market outlet to fund mortgages and be competitive in offering fixed-rate mortgage loan products. MAP gives mortgage lenders an alternative to funding mortgages while allowing flexibility and transparency from both an operational and an economic perspective…Learn More


Member Services Desk Weekly Market Update: Authored by the FHLBNY’s Member Services Desk team and our own Financial Economist, this weekly snapshot aims to curate key information around the following topics: Economist Views, Key Market Trends, and FHLBNY Advance Rates Observations: Read Now


Report from the President: FHLBNY Announces Third Quarter Operating Highlights: Read Now


Amendments to the FHLBNY Capital Plan: Effective October 2, 2020: Read Now

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News & Reports

Report from the President: A Stable Partner for the…
On May 28, we announced that our Board had approved a 4.75 percent dividend for the first quarter of 2021, with the $62.2 million cash dividend distributed to member institutions on June 1. Our ability to provide a reasonable return on our members’ investment in our cooperative reflects the stability and reliability of our franchise...
FHLBNY Announces First Quarter 2021 Operating Highlights
FHLBNY today released its unaudited financial highlights for the quarter ended March 31, 2021. “One year ago, amid as volatile and uncertain a market as we have ever experienced, our members looked to the Federal Home Loan Bank of New York for liquidity support at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic,” said José R. González, president and CEO of the FHLBNY. “In the year since, the FHLBNY has remained a stable and...
Enhancements to the Refundable Municipal Letter of Credit for…
We are pleased to announce that our Members are now able to take advantage of the FHLBNY’s Refundable Municipal Letter of Credit (REMLOC) program when collateralizing municipal deposits under the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance (NJ DOBI) GUDPA program...

If you are a member and have any questions on the potential impact of COVID-19 to your institution, we are here to help. Please contact a Relationship Manager at (212) 441-6700
or a Member Services Representative at 1-800-546-5101, option 1.