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We Foster Collaboration and a Culture of Giving Back

Our Company, Our Home

Our employees define who we are as well as what we aspire to become.

We succeed as a cooperative because we are founded on shared values and beliefs.
Our culture is built on trust, integrity, diversity and inclusion, collaboration and teamwork.

We treat people with respect and embrace a spirit of gratitude.

We serve our members with integrity and professionalism.

We are committed to giving back to our community. Our employees are encouraged to volunteer as active participants throughout the Federal Home Loan Bank of New York’s sponsored initiatives to make a positive difference across our district.

Work/Life Balance

Here at the Federal Home Loan Bank of New York (FHLBNY), we are committed to providing our employees with a work/life balance environment.

A major goal of the FHLBNY is to improve the overall well-being of our employees and reduce their risk of developing chronic diseases. The Wellness Committee is made up of employees that are dedicated to promoting programs that foster a work environment more supportive of positive health behaviors of employees.

Wellness Activities include:

Walk for Wellness Challenge

Wall Street 5K Heart Run

Tea and Juice for the Soul

Guided Meditation



Spotlight on Health and Wellness

Annual Health Risk Assessment

In addition, the FHLBNY provides sit/standing workstations and ergonomic seating for proper posture and alignment, as well as a ‘Grab and Go’ café with healthy choices.


The FHLBNY’s employee-led Activities Committee is dedicated to hosting team-building events for all employees tied to our “Let’s Give Back” theme. Employees volunteer their time, money and hard work to help support a broad range of community services programs. See below to find out how FHLBNY employees make heartfelt efforts to connect with communities.

Join a diverse and inclusive team of people dedicated to helping local communities grow

We contribute to
the American dream
of homeownership

We are a diverse,
inclusive and committed workforce

We see career
development as an investment

We offer benefits
for all phases of life

We foster
collaboration and a culture of giving back

Join a diverse and inclusive team of people dedicated to helping local communities grow