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MPF® Program

MPF® Products

The FHLBNY offers two different MPF® conventional loan products, allowing the Participating Financial Institution (PFI) to choose the extent of credit risk they are comfortable with. With these products, the PFI originates, closes, and then sells the loans to the FHLBNY. Regardless of the MPF® product used, PFIs retain all typical origination, closing, and miscellaneous fees, while the FHLBNY pays PFIs Credit Enhancement (CE) and servicing fees.

Loan Type Conventional/Conforming Conventional/Conforming
Minimum “best efforts” Master Commitment (MC) $5 Million $5 Million
FHLBNY First Loss Account 4 bps annually
(multiplied by the PFI’s outstanding loan balance)
100 bps annually
(of the total funded amount of loans sold)
PFI’s CE Obligation Amount equivalent to investment grade Amount equivalent to investment grade less the 100 bps first loss account
CE Fee paid to PFIs 10 bps
(not performance-based)
7 bps for ≤ $30 Million delivered per MC
10 bps for > $30 Million delivered per MC (performance-based: allows the FHLBNY to recoup losses charged to the First Loss Account from future CE fees)
Servicing Fee paid to PFIs 25 bps 25 bps
Servicing released alternative Yes Yes
Risk-based capital requirement Equal to the PFI’s CE obligation Equal to the PFI’s CE obligation

PFIs can deliver fixed-rate conforming conventional mortgage loans with terms from 5 to 30 years on owner-occupied and second homes. Property types include 1-4 unit homes, manufactured homes, condos, and Planned Unit Developments (PUDs). In addition, PFIs have a choice of remittance types: Actual/Actual, Actual/Actual Single Remittance, and Scheduled/Scheduled. The FHLBNY also offers an MPF® government loan product without the risk-sharing feature. A servicing-released alternative is available for all MPF® products to maximize the value of the loans sold.

MPF® conventional products require PFIs to hold risk-based capital equal to the amount of the CE obligation. PFIs are required to purchase activity-based FHLBNY stock, equal to 4.5% of any new MPF delivery commitments, and PFIs are also required to post collateral equal to the CE obligation. The PFI may also sell Government Loans to the FHLBNY. Information about Government Loans will be furnished upon request.