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Enhancements Have Been Made to the 1Link-IPR User Interface

1Link-IPR has a new user-friendly interface designed to enrich your user experience and improve efficiency. For your reference, view the updated 1Link-IPR User Guide.

1Link® is the FHLBNY’s secure internet banking system designed just for members. Since its inception, 1Link® has proved to be an efficient, alternate channel for accessing information and reports, and performing everyday transactions online.

The system platform is convenient and user-friendly, offering the latest technology, added flexibility, real-time postings for all reporting functions, and enhanced transaction processing functionality.

As of 2020, the FHLBNY has been working on developing an all-new 1Link® portal. The migration to this new portal will happen in phases, starting with phase I of the transition, which took place on January 10, 2020. This interim portal will be called 1Link-IPR until all the phases of migration takes place.

  • Phase I – Info Reporting (Completed)
  • Phase II – Wires (Coming soon)
  • Phase III – Advances

Did you know you can transact with the FHLBNY remotely via 1Link®?

Remote access can come in handy when you’re on the go. Through 1Link®, your institution’s authorized users have the ability to obtain account balances and perform business transactions (Advances, Wire Transfers and Book Wires) from alternate worksites.

Please note: For business transactions, the user will need their Security Device in their possession. The alternate worksite computer must meet the minimum system requirements to access 1Link®. Should you encounter any issues when attempting to access 1Link®, contact the 1Link® Helpdesk at (800) 546-5101.

Registration Information and Agreements

  • Review the System Requirements
  • Complete the Global Authorization Form (GAF) for the employees requesting access to 1Link®

    Complete the Global Authorization Form Waiver Letter only if your Corporate/Assistant Corporate Secretary is authorized to conduct transactions with the FHLBNY.

    Please return the completed GAF to:
    Member Services Desk
    Federal Home Loan Bank of New York
    101 Park Avenue, 6th Fl.
    New York, NY 10178-0601
    Fax: (888) 486-2307
    Email: [email protected]

  • Upon completion of the GAF, the user will receive an RSA SecurID® device enrollment invitation via email. For spam filtering purposes, please ensure [email protected] are permitted senders. For assistance with activating your device, contact 1Link Security Services at (800) 546-5101, and after the prompt, press 4, then 2. Note, an RSA SecurID® is required to access 1Link-IPR or process wires in 1Link.

Information Reporting

Add value to your membership by taking advantage of all the Information Reporting features 1Link® offers.

  • Prior and Current Day Reporting – Review, download, export, or print reports reflecting account balances and transaction details
  • Customize reports to meet your needs, e.g. list transactions over a specified amount to facilitate daily cash management
  • Access many FHLBNY’s standard daily and periodic reports at your convenience

Report Delivery Information — Schedule automatic delivery of information to yourself and others in your institution via email, such as:

  • Prior and Current Day Reports
  • Customized Reports
  • Special Reports
  • Wire & Advances Reports

Alerts — Receive information on some event that has occurred or a trigger for something you may need to do, such as approve a transaction by scheduling alerts.

The following Alerts are currently available in the 1Link® system:

  • Advance Transaction Status – Alerts Users when an Advance is at a certain status
  • Transaction Status– Alerts Users when a Trade is at a certain status
  • We will notify users as additional alerts become available.


1Link® utilizes advanced technology and security procedures to create a safe banking environment for members to conveniently perform everyday transactions online, like transferring funds, and initiating advances.


Funds Transfer Benefits

  • Import Wire transactions from Excel spreadsheets directly into 1Link®, allowing the processing of multiple wires at the same time
  • Export wire transaction detail to assist in the processing of your OFAC files
  • Process book wires to internal FHLBNY accounts

As a reminder, our 1Link® Wire Transfer Window closes at 4:00 pm each day.


Advances Benefits

  • Short-term forward-start Advances available on Advance types listed below
  • See your entire Outstanding Advances Portfolio in real-time
  • Request real-time rate indications on Advance products where applicable

You can create the following Advance transactions through 1Link®:


Type Term
Overnight 1 Day
Short-Term Fixed

1 Week to Eleven Months

(Other user-defined maturity, but not greater than 330 days)


1 Week to 6 Months

(Other user-defined maturity, but not greater than 180 days)


Over 6 Months to 11 Months

($25 million per transaction limit until noon)

Need help performing transactions? No problem.

Contact the 1Link® Helpdesk at (800) 546-5101 or via email at [email protected].
The FHLBNY will provide updates on additional advance products and terms that will be available in the 1Link® system.


1Link® Helpdesk

E-Mail: [email protected]
Telephone Number: (800) 546-5101
Hours: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm


1Link® Helpdesk Calling Options

  • For Advances, Press 1

  • For all Other Services, Press 2

  • For Wire or Book Transfers, Press 1

  • For Safekeeping, Press 2

  • For assistance with 1Link®, Press 3

For Information Reporting or Password Resets, Press 1

For Global Authorization Forms or Access Changes, Press 2

For Security Device items including application, setup, PIN issues, authentication failure messages, or to report a Security Incident, Press 3

For Technical Issues, Browser, Firewall Settings, or 1Link® System, Press 4

  • For assistance with Settlement Services (Fed and ACH), Press 4

  • For assistance with your Overnight Investment Account, Press 5

  • For Collateral Services, Press 6

For Operations, Press 1

For Media Processing, Press 2

For Collateral Documentation, Press 3

For Other Collateral Services, Press 4

  • To speak with an Operator, Stay on the Line or Press 7


1Link® Security Administrators

Telephone Number: (800) 546-5101, and after the prompt, press 4 then 2

To view additional Federal Home Loan Bank of New York contacts, click here


1Link® Helpdesk:
(800) 546-5101
after the prompt,
press option 1

[email protected]

1Link® Security Services:
(800) 546-5101
after the prompt,
press option 4,
then option 2

[email protected]


FHLBNY’s secure online banking system designed just for members

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